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What is EMBARX?

EMBARX is a customizable, patient-centric solution, powered by inVentiv Health, to solve the market access challenges of specialty biotech and pharmaceutical products. EMBARX draws upon leading industry experts from inVentiv Health’s three business segments–Clinical, Commercial and Consulting–and state-of-the-art technology to create comprehensive solutions that improve patient access, increase commercial value, and drive adherence and loyalty to your product.

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Our Approach

Every EMBARX engagement begins by assessing our clients' unique access challenges and considering the needs of the end user – the patient. We always begin with the end in mind.

We then assemble an EMBARX team of top industry experts with proven experience in understanding:

  • The Disease: how specialty diseases affect patients and providers
  • The Product: its efficacy, cost and pricing, and mechanism of action
  • The Care Settings: inpatient hospital, retail and specialty pharmacy, or outpatient physician office
  • The Market: the product's class characteristics, such as market size, competition, treatment protocols, payer management, new scientific technologies, regulatory requirements, and value proposition
  • The Patient: how patients face their diseases, what drives their decisions and how to optimize their experience with your brand

We leverage leading-edge technology to increase efficiency, to support service coordination, and to provide real-time data back to our clients so they can make informed decisions to improve brand performance.

Finally, we develop an integrated market access solution customized to our clients' needs. Through inVentiv's unique breadth of Clinical, Commercial and Consulting services, EMBARX can deliver a comprehensive program that is seamlessly integrated to address the needs of patients, providers and payers.

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Our Services

EMBARX can include services such as strategic consulting, reimbursement support, clinical nursing teams, adherence programs, REMS, outcomes data, and field teams support. Each EMBARX solution is completely customized with the patient, provider, and payer in mind. Because EMBARX services are all delivered through inVentiv Health, clients experience the convenience and efficiency of working with one provider to manage fully integrated, multi-service programs.

  • To learn more about strategic consulting, click here.

    When decision makers need assistance with major business challenges, they rely on us—a true strategic partner focused on their industry and their needs. EMBARX's strategic consulting services are provided by inVentiv Health's Consulting segment. We offer dedicated practice areas that focus on critical industry functions, including: brand management, business development, clinical development, commercial effectiveness, medical affairs, and pricing and market access.

  • To learn more about reimbursement support services, click here.

    EMBARX can create custom programs to guide patients and providers through the difficult process of securing coverage for therapies that keep patients well. Supported by our call center, our reimbursement case management services help patients and providers navigate the complex healthcare reimbursement and payment system by providing patient-specific coverage research, gathering and submitting prior authorization forms, coordinating with specialty pharmacies, finding alternative funding sources, and managing the appeal process with the payer.

  • To learn more about clinical nursing teams, click here.

    EMBARX's clinical nursing teams gather data that you can use in your managed market strategy to demonstrate product value. Our field-based and call center-based clinical nurse case managers work with patients and providers to capture adherence and compliance information. These nurses also advise patients on treatment options and work with EMBARX's internal reimbursement specialists to verify that prescriptions have been filled.

  • To learn more about adherence programs, click here.

    EMBARX's tailored adherence programs help to motivate changes in patient behavior and shape better outcomes. Our solutions include:

    • Retail pharmacy-based wellness and education programs that are delivered directly to patients through letters, e-mails and text messages.
    • Behavior-based interventions, designed based on our expertise in behavioral science and health education, that are customized to help patients better understand their disease, therapy options and the importance of staying on their treatments.
    • Care Coach Calls, in which clinical teams call patients before they start therapy to set expectations and explain the benefits of staying on their treatments.
    • Field-based nurse case managers, who can contact patients and healthcare providers to provide treatment support and capture adherence information.
    • Digital media solutions that provide therapy reminders and support patients in making healthy choices.

    Many of these solutions not only drive improved adherence to therapy, they also serve as platforms for collecting patient-reported outcomes data to demonstrate product value to payers.

  • To learn more about REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies) and risk management services, click here.

    EMBARX's REMS experts are uniquely qualified to develop REMS programs that not only position products for regulatory success, but also drive brand success and support enhanced patient outcomes. We offer the following services:

    • Strategy, design, documentation and implementation support
    • FDA negotiations and contingency planning
    • Risk communications and education
    • Registry design, implementation, data management, analytics and reporting
    • Signal detection and pharmacovigilance

    By focusing on science-based approaches, partnering with stakeholders on collaborative design, developing innovative programs and harnessing our expertise in adult education techniques, EMBARX's methods ensure REMS success. We develop strategies that resonate with payers and, by doing so, build market share for your brand.

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To learn more about how inVentiv Health can deliver an EMBARX solution for your specialty or biotech product, please contact:

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Vice President, Program Development
inVentiv Patient Access Solutions
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