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Our comprehensive approach generates bright insights that create extraordinary growth.

Companies must now engage and motivate more healthcare stakeholders than ever before. To fuel our clients' growth, inVentiv Selling Solutions uses unique analytics to target crucial stakeholder communities. Then we deploy highly-skilled sales teams, nurse-educators and medical science liaisons who speak their language. The result: accelerated commercial performance for our clients, day after day.

Partner with us to reduce your fixed cost investments while increasing your sales and marketing effectiveness.

Our Services

Sales Teams

We have demonstrated success promoting prescription, over-the-counter and medical device products to healthcare professionals in more than 40 different therapeutic areas. Our teams are comprised of only the best and brightest representatives, whose performance consistently match or outshine that of our client organizations.

Multichannel Detailing

Reaching key audiences requires a focused energy. We develop tailored and multichannel detailing programs to ensure our clients' information gets to the physicians we're targeting. Our programs combine face-to-face sales calls with on-demand and digital promotions accessible from mobile devices, tablets and Web portals. We also design and implement non-personal promotion programs encompassing direct mail, emails, tele-detailing and web conferencing. Our unique analytics enable us to effectively target our detailing.

Recruitment Services

We have the largest recruiting function in the industry, enabling us to quickly scale our teams to meet our clients’ evolving needs. Whether we’re building a team from the ground up, or augmenting an existing one, we only hire those with the experience, expertise and determination to energize our client’s business at every possible moment.

Our clients can also leverage our services to recruit qualified candidates for their internal teams. Our U.S. database includes more than 720,000 sales, MSL and nurse specialist candidates. We work with clients on a broad range of recruitment services, from developing job profiles and screening candidates to background checks and trainings.

Education Programs

Effective education of healthcare providers and patients is a key element to elevating the success of a client's brand. For this science-driven service, we partner clients with medical education teams including:

  • Medical science liaisons (MSLs) who build relationships with key opinion leaders and healthcare providers to provide valuable insight into the market and competitive landscapes both pre- and post-launch
  • Nurse educators and on-call nurse specialists who can promote the value of clients’ products to practitioners and patients
  • Call centers with on-call nurse specialists to address patients' questions and concerns

Managed Markets

Our clients rely on us to develop and execute their market access strategies, critical to helping patients obtain their therapies. We deploy account management teams focused on educating and contracting with payers to ensure our clients' products are categorized and positioned correctly for reimbursement.

Sample Management and Compliance

With today’s ever-changing landscape, it's important to have a knowledgeable, experienced partner who can shed light on strict regulatory requirements. We help our clients develop effective and cost-efficient sampling programs that are compliant with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act and Controlled Substances Act. We also have well-developed processes and capabilities that ensure our teams are compliant with applicable regulations, legal requirements, state laws, industry codes and company-specific mandates.

Our Services


As the largest provider of outsourced sales teams and sales solutions to the healthcare industry, we have well established processes and infrastructure to rapidly build, scale and retain teams. This proven framework combined with our everyday dedication and relentless energy has driven tremendous results. In the past five years, we have created more than 110 teams for clients, about 50 of which were created to launch new products. The performance of our representatives consistently matches or exceeds that of our client organizations.


The analytics we use to optimize the impact of our sales and marketing are derived from patient, physician and Rx data that our inVentiv Health Patient Outcomes and Consulting teams collect every day. We refine our physician targeting strategies to maximize detailing impact and project ROI.

Recruitment Capabilities

In the last five years, we have recruited and hired more than 12,000 exceptional sales professionals. Because we have more than 40 full-time in-house recruiters across the U.S. and a database of over 720,000 candidates, our average time to source, hire and on-board a new hire is less than 30 days, and for entire teams it is 8 to 12 weeks. By enabling the fastest recruiting in the industry, we can effectively manage risk and maximize ROI.

Commercial Expertise

We provide 360 degree support and expertise to elevate the success of our clients' brands. We offer a proprietary model designed and developed for clients who need a partner to seamlessly provide end-to-end commercial support and infrastructure.

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