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Our CCO Model

About inVentiv Health’s Contract Commercial Organization

Clients know that to win in today’s complex, global marketplace, they need to rethink how they commercialize assets. They need a better model, one that is flexible, scalable and innovative. That model is inVentiv Health’s Contract Commercial Organization (CCO).

inVentiv Health’s CCO is part of the natural evolution of the pharmaceutical industry, which over the years has found real value in outsourcing clinical development, manufacturing and sales. Sponsor companies already look to inVentiv Health’s Clinical Research Organization for broad therapeutic expertise, experience in navigating global regulations and state-of-the-art systems scaled to need. They outsource to better control costs of development while hastening time to market.

inVentiv Health’s CCO delivers comprehensive drug commercialization services and strategies. This outsourced model offers a uniquely broad range of services, provided by individual, award-winning businesses, including consulting, sales teams and training, market access, non-personal promotion, branding, advertising, public relations, adherence and full management of the commercialization teams. inVentiv Health’s CCO model gives companies a critical competitive edge by integrating strategic, creative and operational expertise as never before.

The CCO model builds on inVentiv Health’s unique breadth of services. Because our expertise begins with early-stage development and continues to the end of commercialization, we view your challenges through a strategic lens that extends across the life of a product.

Both emerging and established biopharmaceutical companies find that by broadly outsourcing commercialization to inVentiv Health they gain instant access to global reach, broad therapeutic expertise and premium services. Global, multinational companies find inVentiv Health provides complementary expertise, high-value strategic insights and essential speed. Mid-size innovator companies partner with inVentiv Health for full commercialization capabilities that allow them to retain the value of their asset.

Companies find real value in collaborating with a single, experienced partner rather than dozens of separate businesses. They find efficiencies in working across disciplines seamlessly, at the right intensity and at the right time. And they find in inVentiv Health a company with a shared commitment to making a difference in people’s lives.

The Value of the CCO in the New Market

inVentiv Health leaders sat down with PharmaVOICE to discuss how the Contract Commercial Organization is accelerating client success and offering new ways to create value in the evolving market.

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