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Crossing the Finish Line: Factors Driving Patient Adherence to Drug Therapy

2017 Patient Adherence Influence Report

2017 Patient Adherence Influence Report

In our first annual Patient Adherence Influence Report, two INC Research/inVentiv Health companies – Adheris Health and inVentiv Health Consulting – set out to understand the most influential factors driving patient adherence or non-adherence and to answer the question: Will the patient cross the finish line at the retail pharmacy, or will he or she walk away?

2017 Dealmakers’ Intentions Study

Now in its ninth year, the inVentiv Health Consulting Dealmakers' Intentions Study is the only forward-looking measure of dealmaking activity in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. While there are many quality sources of information that look historically at past deal trends, this survey offers a prospective view of the partnering and licensing landscape for the year ahead. With insights gathered from dealmakers on the buy and sell side across the US, Europe and Asia, Dealmakers' Intentions presents conclusions that are crucial for C-suite executives, as well as executives responsible for dealmaking strategy and the business development function.

Focus on Oncology 2017

Oncology is an exciting and rapidly-evolving area of therapeutic innovation. Our clinical and commercial teams partner to share insights from drug development through commercialization and beyond to help our clients get life-saving medicines into the hands of in-need patients. Learn more about our oncology perspectives and what we could do for your team by reading the following oncology-focused materials.

inVentiv Health Provides Insights from ASCO 2017 for Clinical Leader

inVentiv Health will be on the floor of American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2017 meeting, blogging live for Clinical Leader until after the meeting ends. Check back to read our insights from the annual meeting of the world's leading cancer experts - from the latest scientific breakthroughs to discussions on the challenges pharmaceutical companies face in bringing novel oncology therapies to market.

Mental Health: An Insurance Industry Perspective

Mental Health: An Insurance Industry Perspective

In more than 15 hours of interviews with researchers at inVentiv Health, executives at managed care organizations covering more than 59 million lives talked about issues that are top of mind for patients, including medication access and psychiatric care. They understand the requirements to manage mental health conditions “at parity” with other physical health conditions. But their determination to solve problems goes beyond parity.

inVentiv Health Podcast

Inventiv Health Podcast

The inVentiv Health Podcast Series dissects some of the most complex issues biopharma leaders are facing today. inVentiv’s clinical and commercial experts provide time-tested solutions, as well as perspectives on the news of the day. Hosted by Jeff Stewart, a long-time industry consultant who has advised biopharma leaders on licensing, mergers and acquisitions, pricing and market access, commercialization and go-to-market strategies, each episode explores the challenges and considerations involved with bringing biopharmaceuticals to the market.

An Advocacy Rx for Progress in Mental Health

An Advocacy Rx for Progress in Mental Health

As a source of human suffering, a barrier to workplace productivity, a burden on families and a driver of medical costs, mental illness amounts to an unparalleled public health crisis. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of smart thinking on how to improve the lives of people who struggle with major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other serious conditions.

In this report, inVentiv Health has synthesized some of this analysis, with particular attention to the recommendations, strategies and aspirations of patient advocacy groups. We have also collected insights from pharmaceutical companies, payers and other key stakeholders. Amidst great uncertainty in the healthcare environments of the US and Europe, inVentiv Health hopes to shine a light on unique challenges posed by mental health disorders and some possible solutions.

The Real-World Evidence Revolution—Finding Value and Relevance Through the Stakeholder Perspective

The Real-World Evidence Revolution—Finding Value and Relevance Through the Stakeholder Perspective

During Biotech Showcase 2017 David Thompson, Senior Vice President for Real-World Evidence Consulting, inVentiv Health moderated a panel of experts through a discussion on real-world evidence. The panel discussed how real-world insights from patients and other stakeholders can lead to better drug development, improved patient compliance and ultimately better outcomes.

2017 Trends Series from GSW

2017 Trends Series from GSW

GSW and inVentiv Health Communications’ 6th installment of the trend report series is a product of global collaboration. Over 100 trendspotters from around the world worked to curate the clues, examples, stories and big ideas that are shaping communications, healthcare, digital experience, and consumer expectations for 2017.


Millennial Mindset: The Collaborative Clinician

Millennial Mindset:  The Collaborative Clinician

New research from GSW, inVentiv Health PR Group and PALIO indicates that millennial physicians are redefining the patient-physician relationship. Four out of five millennial physicians (81%) believe that their millennial patients require a different relationship with their doctors than older patients. And 66% of those Generation Y docs are changing their approach according to the age of the patient they’re seeing. This report outlines how millennial doctors prefer a collaborative approach to nearly all aspects of their practice, and provides advice on how pharma brands can engage more effectively with this key physician audience.


Sharing the Mission to Conquer Rare Diseases

Sharing the Mission to Conquer Rare Diseases

At a rapid pace, biopharmaceutical companies and patient advocacy groups are banding together to hasten development of new drugs for rare diseases. These relationships are bringing new value to both sides but raising challenges as well – patient groups are seeking earlier engagement, greater access, and companies continue to push for progress.

The latest report from inVentiv Health Public Relations Group – based on several months of extensive research and in-depth interviews – takes a deeper look at the dynamics currently reshaping collaboration in rare disease and how future roles will be defined.

2016 Trends Series from GSW

inVentiv Health advertising agency, GSW, is looking ahead to 2016 in the fifth annual trends series. The series is fueled by clues, examples and big ideas collected by more than 70 trend watchers from around the world.

Riding the Bull Market: What's in Store for Biotech Dealmakers in 2015?

There's no question that 2014 was a banner year for dealmaking: $355 billion in total transactions, including $53 billion in partnering deals, $16.5 billion in venture investments and 133 IPOs. But could it be a case of too much of a good thing? What therapeutic areas or technologies will offer the best opportunity this year? How can the smaller biotech company best position itself to reap the rewards of a bull market – and minimize risk of being thrown?

For answers to these questions and more, read Dealmakers’Intentions 2015 from inVentiv Health consulting firm, Campbell Alliance. Unveiled at the 2015 BIO International Conference, the survey suggests that 2015 will set a new record for mergers and acquisitions and licensing of biopharmaceutical assets. The results also revealed early signs of a potential slow-down in licensing of assets.

This is the seventh year that Campbell Alliance has surveyed dealmakers to provide a forward-looking glimpse of what the rest of the year will hold and identify areas of greatest opportunities for buyers and sellers.

Focus on Oncology 2016

Oncology is one of the most complex and fast-changing therapeutic areas. This series examines critical topics in oncology drug development and commercialization.

inVentiv Health Provides Insights from ASCO 2016 for Clinical Leader

inVentiv Health was on the floor of American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO 2016) meeting, reporting live for Clinical Leader. Read our insights from the annual meeting of the world's leading cancer experts - from the latest scientific breakthroughs to discussions on the challenges pharmaceutical companies face in bringing novel oncology therapies to market.

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICIs) - novel agents that activate the human immune response against antigens expressed on tumor cells - pose challenges for clinical trial researchers. Due to the complexity of managing these trials and the fact that this new drug class is not well known or understood within the oncology community, clinical trials investigating ICIs require special strategies to be successful. This paper explores several issues and makes recommendations.

Patient Partners

Patient Partners

inVentiv Health Public Relations Group

Dramatic changes in U.S. healthcare over the last few years have forced a rethinking of all kinds of stakeholder relationships, including the partnerships biopharmaceutical companies have formed with groups representing patients and families. The rules of engagement are changing. inVentiv Health interviewed dozens of patient advocacy groups, including those in oncology, to understand how they view the evolution, what they seek from their pharma partners and what companies need to keep in mind as they navigate these new waters.

As our population ages and medical advances increase life expectancy, drug developers are facing an emerging gap in clinical research: lack of evidence to guide treatment decisions for people over 65. Almost a year ago, the Food and Drug Administration held a public meeting asking for suggestions on how to include more older people in clinical trials. Since then, a number of experts around the world have expressed similar concern. The most forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies are finding ways to address the problem of diversifying patient pools.

Despite the seriousness of diagnosis – or perhaps because of it – only three percent of adult patients with cancer participate in clinical trials. In a study of 500 trials, 60 percent in Phase III failed to achieve minimum patient enrollment. With 800 new medicines and vaccines targeting cancer in the pipeline, the problem is immense. And if patient enrollment is difficult, forecasting is even more so. Feasibility experts from inVentiv Health look at how combining data with sophisticated informatics tools allows sponsors to evaluate feasibility plans and timelines with a high degree of precision, leading to greater trial predictability, shorter timelines and meaningful cost savings.

Branding means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but in its simplest form, a name is the face of a brand. Just as people have names – something we're recognized by and called – so do pharmaceutical brands. Over time a strong brand name can grow to be synonymous with a number of things like quality, reliability or clarity. This whitepaper focuses on the practice of naming an oncology asset and how this process has evolved over the years.

A column from a recent edition of CenterWatch Weekly looks at the rise of breakthrough immunotherapy science. It traces the roots of a pivotal cancer organization that is now at the center of some of the most exciting advances in cancer treatment, the Cancer Research Institute. The nonprofit drug development incubator group breaks down silos between researchers and biopharmaceutical companies to speed therapies to patients.

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